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Manchester Institute of Health & Performance

Manchester, UK


project overview

‘Going for gold’ with a world-class health and performance facility

The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance (MIHP) provides a forward-thinking healthcare facility, modern diagnostic technology and sports medicine and education, all in one spectacular centre, for all physical capabilities.

Our world-leading institute combines state-of-the-art facilities for increased performance for elite athletes as well as providing community healthcare for the general public.

MIHP, part of the Beswick Community Hub Masterplan, continues to attract local, national and international specialists to enhance the performance of professional athletes, alongside supporting every person who uses the facility.

challenges and solutions

Down to the very last detail

Delivering the aspirations of a very wide range of people with different requirements was naturally going to be a challenge. To ensure a successful project outcome, strong collaboration and engagement with stakeholders was key.

During the design phase, we engaged regularly with stakeholders, from sports science professionals to elite athletes themselves, tapping into their knowledge and expertise which helped inform the overall design. From this, we were able to put together a plan, realise a collective vision, and deliver on it.

Whilst we saw major advantages of having an array of facilities under one roof, there were challenges in this too.

Almost like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, each development required rigorous planning and testing to ensure it fit well within the overall structure.

For example, the strength and conditioning gym, which is situated on the first floor. Record-breaking weight being lifted and dropped regularly will naturally cause noise and vibrations. Much of which could potentially travel throughout the building.

We implemented spring suspension sandwiched between two concrete floors to minimise any noise or disruptions to the rest of the building. This process required various testing and planning, but is a prime example of how we went the extra mile.


design concept

Exceptional design delivering exceptional performance

MIHP is split into two distinct forms. The front houses the private healthcare, administration and research and development accommodation whilst the rear houses the large sports halls and laboratories. Each boasts their own private entrance which was key in the design as to ensure athlete privacy and confidentiality as they approach the facilities.

The healthcare facility is thoughtfully placed on the ground floor where visitors benefit from a separate entrance for added privacy. When using the sports and administrative elements, visitors travel swiftly through the building with thanks to the central atrium.

The development has been designed so natural light is plentiful. The centrally located circulation corridors benefit from the three-storey lightwell which provides an abundance of natural light, brightening up the space as you move your way through. The central entrance windows also boast views out through to the neighbouring community and Sixth Form College.


A first of its kind


Environmental Chamber

The environmental chamber allows for conditions to represent a specific climate or altitude. Perfect for athletes preparing for extreme sporting events.

Hydrotheraphy Suite

Designed for all abilities, the hydrotherapy suite boasts many health benefits. The warm water helps ease any muscle or joint pain, helping your range of movement and strengths.

Performance Capture for Cycling Laboratory

Performance capturing helps improves cyclists posture and technique, and is unique in its ability to highlight issues that may be missed with the naked eye.

Strength and Conditioning Gym

With integrated spring floor suspension, the strength and conditioning gym comes fitted with the very best apparatus to strengthen and condition your whole body, safely.


Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and functionality should you become injured.

Radiographic Imaging

State-of-the-art radiographic imaging to provide a painless, non-invasive method of diagnosing.

Performance Capture Hall

A half sized football pitch with a sprint track down the left hand side. The performance capture cameras assess people's postures as they use the space, better preparing them for future engagement in activity.

Consultation Rooms

We have a range of consultation rooms where visitors benefit from informative, one-on-one sessions with a specialist.

Changing Facilities

The changing rooms integrate a barrier for segragation, this is useful for when sports teams use the facilities or for individual use.


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