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Carbon Reduction Plan

AHR is committed to the continual improvement of how we manage and reduce our carbon emissions. We have a formal Carbon Reduction Plan in place, with bold ambitions to reach Carbon Neutrality by 2030.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan is integrated into a wider ISO 14001:2018 Policy for Environmental Management and in order to achieve its intent we will:

  • Maintain a Green House Gas (GHG) inventory that is appropriate to our Operational Boundaries
  • Openly quantify and report on the GHG emissions produced by AHR using verified GHG calculation tools and dedicated resources
  • Reduce the carbon burden of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in line with the requirements of our Carbon Reduction Plan and the GHG Protocol
  • Maintain awareness, across our workforce, of AHR's commitment to Net Zero and how our staff can help us achieve it
  • Regularly monitor and review progress against our reduction targets and put in place corrective action, where required
  • Ensure the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve these goals, cost-effectively
  • Communicate progress to internal and external interested parties.

Our Plan and our Policy will be reviewed annually or when material changes occur, to ensure that they continue to be relevant and fit for purpose.