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Civic and Community

We deliver civic spaces which are safe and sustainable and vital to creating healthy and thriving communities

By working with local people to understand the history, cultural traditions, and future aspirations of a place, we can create truly sustainable civic spaces that shape communities and instil a sense of civic pride. We create and reinvigorate civic and community buildings across all sub-sectors including bluelight, defence, custodial and civic. All of these spaces support the many needs of their communities, whilst contributing to a greater sense of shared identity and genuine civic pride.

We have the security clearances and experience of the specific technical requirements, complexities, logistical and security challenges these spaces present, as well as the very different risks they face. Our solutions are affordable, sustainable, practical and fit-for-purpose, delivering value for money for our clients. We are a leading supplier to multiple national and regional frameworks for use by a range of public sector bodies.

These spaces are a catalyst for town and city centre regeneration, bringing a new workforce into an area, and providing the facilities to support these growing communities. Our civic and community must take a more holistic approach – integrating safe spaces for people to meet and interact, places to work, and opportunities to access better healthcare and education, alongside cultural, retail and leisure facilities. Including these services in local authority-led regeneration schemes is vital in the creation of safe, sustainable and thriving communities.


Civic and Community projects

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Project Anchor

Flexible, agile and dynamic workspace alongside a 46-bed student accommodation wing, specifically for key workers.

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Beverley Minster

One of the largest parish churches in the UK our building consultancy team were appointed to laser scan the Minster.

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Chelmsford Magistrates Court

The development accommodates five Magistrate court rooms and a Crown Court.

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UK Hydrographic Office

Winner of the British Council for Office’s Best of the Best Workplace, this transformational workplace encourages new ways of collaborative working.

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Hicks Gate Fire Station

A five bay fire station situated in a critical area of green belt between Keynsham and Bristol with great access onto the local road network.

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Dreghorn Barracks

As part of the Army Basing Programme (ABP), we have delivered new accommodation, offices, training facilities, workshops, welfare, duty-staff sleeping and changing/shower facilities.

Keynsham Civic Centre and One Stop Shop

This transformational development includes council offices, library, restaurants, retail, play spaces, improved public realm, a market square and a one-stop-shop.

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Calderdale Council Framework

Our long-term partnership with this local authority has been supported by our multi-discipline expertise, and we provide services and solutions which cover the full life-cycle of their estate.

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Royal Navy Centre of Maritime Training

The centre provides essential survival training for helicopter incidents or accidents over water.

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Greater Manchester Police Force HQ

As one of the most influential local services, the building promotes new ways of working and enables the Greater Manchester Police the flexibility to respond to the community's ever-changing needs

civic and community

Understanding the technical nuances of these specialist areas and delivering practical solutions


We work across a variety of buildings including, council offices, town halls, community centres, churches, museums and galleries, as well as streets, squares, parks, and open spaces. Using our specialist skills and knowledge to preserve and restore the beauty of these important landmarks, while ensuring they are fit for the practical purposes of today.

Great facilities help build communities and we have successfully delivered new landmark buildings, as well as transforming existing ones into world-class cultural attractions.


We have an excellent understanding of the intricate details and principles related to modern custodial and court complexes from our involvement in all stages of project development. From strategic issues, covering legislative and advisory concerns from national government and international agencies – to the influence of changing standards on design and construction.

For over two decades, we have worked as consultants of the Ministry of Justice’s Strategic Alliance Framework and other Strategic Alliance partners and constructors. Providing consultancy services to the National Offender Management Service, delivering robust and secure solutions, developed in harmony with local planning and community initiatives.


We provide military personnel with the best possible facilities in which to comfortably live, work and train across a broad spectrum of locations and building types.

Our team is experienced in working in these high-security environments, has an understanding of the logistical challenges associated with these sites and knowledge of the MoD and Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) specifications. We are committed to delivering affordable and sustainable military estates, improving their utilisations and rationalisation, whilst providing value for money and significant life cycle cost reductions.


We have delivered solutions across the full range of bluelight facilities including police headquarters, stations and training centres, fire stations, and ambulance control facilities and have worked on projects of all scales, from large new facilities to smaller-scale improvements and refurbishments.

By understanding the inherent safety risks that are posed in these buildings, we ensure that existing facilities are able to operate to full capacity as any work is carried out. Where necessary we support the interdepartmental relationships that some schemes demand, creating safer and better working environments for those carrying out these essential roles.


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