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The Hard Interchange

Portsmouth, UK

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project overview

An important transport hub connecting people to the city

Forming part of a large investment planned for the city, The Hard Interchange provides improved transport services, with better access to bus, train, boat and taxi services, helping to welcome a range of visitors to Portsmouth.

The previous facility, over time, had grown tired, was unsuitable for modern transport requirements and in need of a transformation.

We designed the layout of the new site to ensure the facility not only provided improved travel services but the modern amenities to match it.

One of the key aspirations for the project was to improve the passenger experience to encourage more travel in and around Portsmouth.

We integrated interactive journey planning and information screens for bus arrivals and departures as well as comfortable seating areas for moments of rest between travelling.

Our modern, bold design of the facility ensures it is a strong landmark and a recognisable entry for people arriving into the city.

key information

Project summary


Portsmouth, PO1 3PA


910 m2


Bus, Train, Boat, Taxi services






Portsmouth City Council


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