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Southgate Building 2

Huddersfield, UK

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project overview

Pioneering healthcare professional training alongside NHS collaboration

Forming part of the Southgate masterplan, the University of Huddersfield’s Southgate Building 2 is the second addition to the wider National Health Innovation Campus. The transformative project will improve health outcomes and drive innovation in training and diagnostics in the North of England.

The WELL Platinum targeted building, which will join the Daphne Steele Building on campus, will offer approximately 6,800 m2 of teaching and NHS diagnostic space across five storeys.

The specialist facility is a joint venture with Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust. It involves providing a Community Diagnostics Centre (CDC), alongside health innovation, teaching in radiography and the capacity for further health trust clients.

The nature of the facility means that the upper floors will be designated for innovative technologies to train students who will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the CDC with the NHS, which will be housed in the lower levels.

SHOT 001 South View Southgate Building 2 and the Daphne Steele Building

design concept

Harmoniously bridging health, education, innovation and community in one space

The building will be a focal point where health professionals, students, academics and the community come together within the wider context of the National Health Innovation Campus.

The design captures the transformative nature of applied education and learning in a university environment whilst providing much-needed diagnostic facilities to the local community. The flexibility in the design means that the building can continue to evolve to meet the emerging needs of the faculty, making it not only a community-friendly space but a functional hub for Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust.

In developing the design, we’ve balanced sustainability, wellbeing and the patient experience as inspiration to shape a scheme which places the users of a building first.

Whilst the interior focusses strongly on these users and their wellbeing, the exterior creates an architecture to compliment Daphne Steele and provide a backdrop for innovation in Huddersfield.

SG2 AHR B2 00 DR A 08200 Planning Ground Floor Plan
SG2 AHR B2 01 DR A 08200 Planning First Floor Plan
SG2 AHR B2 02 DR A 08200 Planning Second Floor Plan
SG2 AHR B2 03 DR A 08200 Planning Third Floor Plan
SG2 AHR B2 04 DR A 08200 Planning Fourth Floor Plan

design layout

Opportunity at every level

The ground floor will primarily house the Clinical Diagnostics Clinic run by Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, with a focus on creating a connection with nature to enhance wellbeing, specialised spaces, and convenient access for equipment and vertical circulation. The ground floor remains permeable, with entrances on either side, a centralised waiting area and a column-free space supporting seamless circulation along a covered external walkway, blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

The first floor is dedicated to the medical imaging school within the Department of Allied Health Professions, Sport and Exercise, including High Fidelity Simulation spaces for diagnostic and imaging skills training, along with an Acute ward and Imaging Labs.

On the second floor you'll find the Clinical Skills in Dental Health school, including a community clinic with a waiting area designed for human-centred wellbeing, skill development booths and flexible classroom spaces for up to 100 students.

This floor has been set aside to create additional capacity for external partners, with the possibility of public access.

The fourth floor will house the Innovation Centre, offering flexible offices and laboratories for health-related companies, with a focus on maximising efficiency and flexibility, including wet labs to the north and general spaces to the south, and a large dividable event space with a multimedia suite.


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