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Broad Street Mall

Reading, UK

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project overview

Placemaking at the heart of our residential-led, mixed use development

To significantly revitalise Reading’s town centre and shape a vibrant community, our regeneration project involves the transformation of a former 1970s shopping centre and car park into a hub of stylish new homes, dynamic retail facilities and reinvigorated public realm.

644 new apartments will sit across four buildings, A, B, C and D, which ascend in height from building D at eight stories to building A at 29 stories. To foster a sense of community, belonging and friendship, generous amenity space will also be embedded in the design.

We were appointed to take over the design after previous proposals were considered unfeasible by the client. Our latest proposals not only align with the extant planning consent’s key principles but will also improve the housing quality and urban design, contributing to a more inclusive and welcoming development.

In line with the aspirations for the town, our project will enhance central Reading with the delivery of a new residential community which thoughtfully blends into the wider Minster Quarter masterplan, addressing Reading’s increasing demand for housing.

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Typical Upper Level updated
Car park podium updated

design development

Thoughtfully addressing a need for change

Since the most recent planning permission was granted in 2021, the legislative landscape surrounding the project has changed drastically. After AEW purchased the site, collaboration with McLaren Living highlighted some technical failings in the existing scheme.

For example, the recent Building Safety Act now requires multiple staircases for residential developments over 18m, a feature absent in the initial design which featured single staircases in each block. Each building will have two staircases.

To create a clearer distinction between buildings A and B, we've developed the design to increase both of their heights. The previous 'lantern' design has been replaced by a new 'crown' design which achieves a lighter and more transparent aesthetic for the upper parts of the buildings.

To reflect the unique and historic character of Reading town centre, buildings A, B and C have developed to incorporate grey brickwork frames with inset red toned panels. Colours which are prominent in the surrounding buildings.

The design of building D has developed, and now incorporates a combination of light grey brickwork frames with dark grey inset brickwork panels. This is effective in reflecting the more intimate scale of the Minster and the buildings along St. Mary's Butts.

Additional changes have also been made to the design to blend in with the existing concrete style of the car park. The glass railings between each building incorporate patterns which match the design of the concrete.

stakeholder engagement

A collaborative design journey inspired by local insights

To ensure a design that is reflective of the needs and aspirations of the local community, we held an extensive public consultation event in July of 2023, aptly hosted in the existing Broad Street Mall shopping centre.

In addition to this in-person engagement, a website dedicated to the scheme was established, which offered comprehensive insights into the project’s background, its need for change, our current proposals and comparisons to the previous plans. People were invited to use the website feedback form to express their thoughts and opinions on the scheme.

Overall, we held numerous other stakeholder engagement sessions involving a total of eight stakeholders. These interactions provided constructive suggestions that have played a key role in the development of the design.

With extensive community engagement, we have created a mixed use scheme that truly prioritises residents’ needs, creating a comfortable, sustainable and purposeful environment. The project will regenerate the area while providing more amenities, fostering health and wellbeing through thoughtful placemaking.”

Dominic Manfredi

Project Director


Improving residents’ quality of life


Internal amenity space


External amenity space


Across four buildings







Retail Street 2 updated


Contributing to the development of a sustainable, inclusive and community-driven environment

Since taking on the project, we’ve integrated key design principles to craft a design that is both efficient, affordable and reflective of a community-driven ethos. A place people will be proud to call home.

Our approach involves enhancing community wellbeing by incorporating health-promoting and inclusive elements into the spatial design. The project will expand affordable housing choices and tackle affordability challenges.

Additionally, we’re committed to promoting sustainable transportation by incorporating cycle provisions and eco-friendly commuting options, with the ultimate goal of reducing traffic congestion.

key information

Project summary


Reading, RG1 7QE


McLaren Construction Group




644 apartments
Residents lounge
Private dining
Cinema room
Courtyard gardens
Rooftop terraces
Retail facilities, including space for stores and restaurants


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