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Checking in on how Nuala, our RIBA AHR scholar, is progressing on her scholarship journey

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Last September, we welcomed Nuala to the practice as the winning recipient of the RIBA AHR Scholarship. The aim of which is to address a lack of inclusivity at Part 2 stage of the professional qualification in architecture by supporting talented students who might struggle to cover the costs associated with their course.

As part of the scholarship, Nuala receives personal mentoring from associate director Hira Teirney from our Bristol office. The mentoring is uniquely tailored to Nuala’s passions and interests, so that she gets the most out of the experience and can develop her personal and professional growth.

As part of the mentoring, Nuala visited the Bristol office to immerse herself in real project work, gain invaluable insights into the practical aspects of the profession as well as office life.

One particular highlight was accompanying Hira on a visit to the University of the West of England (UWE), to see one of our major projects for the university, the RIBA award winning School of Engineering.

At UWE’s main Frenchay Campus where the 8,500 m2 Engineering Building sits, Hira took Nuala along to the site, describing the building’s fascinating and intricate design journey. This experience provided Nuala with valuable insights into the design process and the practical knowledge that she can apply to her future projects.

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Visiting the project site

Gaining insights into the project journey and outcomes. 

Exploring inside

Providing a unique perspective of the design process. 

It is incredibly refreshing to return to a work environment and meet so many friendly and supportive people who are genuinely interested and passionate in your pursuit of architecture.

Hira, and the rest of the Bristol team, have offered valuable insights to my research that have helped construct a project that can hopefully, one day, have real positive impact. Getting to visit projects that are having the same impact on others is truly inspiring. I can’t thank AHR enough for the mentorship.”

Nuala Moya Durkin

2023 RIBA AHR Scholar recipient
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Nuala also got involved in a lively design review with colleagues from across the Bristol office. This collaborative experience shed light on how we foster a culture of creativity and provide the space for colleagues to exchange project insights, knowledge and experiences.

For Nuala, the experience was a great opportunity for her to immerse in the studio environment, learn from a variety of perspectives and unique talents across the office, as well as gain a more in depth understanding of the breadth of work we are currently involved with in the region.

It’s been fantastic having Nuala spend time with us both in the office as well as on project visits. By getting her involved in project shares and design reviews, we’ve given her a firsthand look at how we collaboratively bring ideas to life.”

Hira Teirney

Associate Director, Architecture

We look forward to sharing more updates from Nuala as she progresses on her scholarship journey. Keep an eye out across our social channels LinkedIn, Instagram and X.

Applications for the 2024 RIBA AHR Scholarship are now open!

Alongside personal mentoring, four-weeks paid work experience at one of our offices and a £7,000 bursary, the scholarship includes support from a diverse and talented team, industry connections, technical resources as well as valuable insight into our award winning practice.

Interested in finding out more about the scholarship and how to apply? Click here.

You can delve deeper into what the scholarship entails and how it can support you develop your personal and professional growth by getting to know Reem, our 2022 recipient.

Last year, we spent the day with her to discover more about what a day in the life of a RIBA AHR Scholar is like. Click here to listen to her reveal all.

Posted on:

May 8th 2024


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