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Keynsham Regeneration

Bath, UK


project overview

Revitalising and reinvigorating a forgotten town centre

We have worked alongside Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES) to completely transform Keynsham town centre. Working closely with the community and B&NES has enabled extensive employment growth, regeneration of the centre and provided much needed new community facilities.

Our masterplan for Keynsham’s town centre is based around giving space back to the community and increasing the public realm. Keynsham Civic Centre and One-Stop-Shop is at the heart of the town centre, with almost 50% of the site area being public realm that is accessible 24-hours to the public. The civic centre and one-stop-shop is the new workplace of B&NES’ staff and has been key to enabling the council’s transition to more collaborative working practices.

The regeneration of Keynsham has revitalised the community. We repurposed the old council offices made vacant by their move into the civic centre and provided 95 much-needed apartments to create Keynsham Riverside View. We also extended and refurbished Keynsham Riverside Leisure Centre giving the community enhanced, high-quality health, wellbeing and fitness facilities.

To realise B&NES’s vision, we took a multi-phased approach over a ten-year period to complete the regenerative masterplan.


Keynsham Civic Centre and One-Stop-Shop

A new market square gives almost 50% of the site area back to the public realm, with the comfortable and inviting social hub hosting regular markets and events.

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Keynsham Riverside View

To create Keynsham Riverside View we refurbished and upgraded the existing, vacant council offices into 95 apartments.

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Keynsham Riverside Leisure Centre

We refurbished this leisure centre and converted the old snooker club into sports and leisure provision. In doing so we have significantly expanded the leisure centre, whilst also upgrading the facilities.

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Keynsham Civic Centre and One-Stop-Shop

The Civic Centre and One-Stop-Shop includes new public spaces including a library, restaurants, retail, play spaces, an improved public realm, and a market square providing the community with indispensable amenities.

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Keynsham Riverside View

Contemporary, desirable apartments, Keynsham Riverside View provides much-needed housing for people drawn to the area by new employment opportunities.

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Keynsham Riverside View

Keynsham Riverside View offers low-cost housing with no compromise on luxury and location for people who wish to relocate, downsize or move onto the property ladder.

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Keynsham Riverside Leisure Centre

As well as modernising the existing pool and health club in the refurbished Leisure Centre, we extended the basement level to create a new learner pool and incorporated a new fitness suite.

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Keynsham Civic Centre and One-Stop-Shop

Winning the British Council for Offices Best of the Best award, the flexible workplace has been key to easing B&NES Council’s transition to more collaborative working practices and driving a skilled workforce to the area.

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Keynsham Regeneration

New shared spaces and an enhanced public realm give the community spaces to socialise, interact and enjoy together.

project journey

Working with the community to create a sustainable town centre that is fit for years to come

B&NES had identified Keynsham as having a lot to offer as a town but was needing assistance, as the town had suffered from a loss of employment after a previous closure of the Cadbury factory in 2011 – the town’s major employer. Their vision of a safe, sustainable and accessible town centre drove our masterplan.

The masterplan was split into several parts – Keynsham Civic Centre and One-Stop-Shop, extensive community facilities, new homes and public realm improvements. Keynsham Riverside View provides the community with low-cost housing with no compromise on luxury. An extended and refurbished Keynsham Leisure Centre which joins the two residential buildings. Across the masterplan, we have also included retail space, new restaurants and bars, a youth club and highways improvements.

We redesigned large parts of the town centre in the masterplan, which included many 1960’s developments which were unloved and dilapidated. The town centre site was also very challenging, with a steep gradient and an 8m level difference, bordered by a conservation area and parkland.

As well as working with the council to deliver the town centre they envisaged, consulting the community was critical to the success of this project. During the 12 months leading up to the planning application we benefited from multiple engagement meetings with over 20 different stakeholder groups. These meetings informed proposals which were shared at various public events. We also collaborated with specially established focus groups. This robust process has ensured that Keynsham is a town centre which is fit for the community and that they can be proud of.


Reviving a town centre by creating community spaces, homes and jobs

By reusing and transforming B&NES’s vacant 1960s council offices into contemporary apartments, Keynsham Riverside View provides much-needed housing for the community drawn to the area by new employment opportunities.


key information

Project summary


Keynsham, Bath


Bath and North East Somerset Council


2015 - 2020




Civic Centre and One-Stop-Shop
DEC ‘B’ Rating
EPC ‘A’ Rating


9,600 m2


96 apartments
Leisure centre
Bars and restaurants
Two new pedestrian streets
Market square
Car parking


Civic Centre and One-Stop-Shop

BCO National Awards 2015
Winner - Best of the Best

RIBA South West Awards 2015
Winner - Award and Sustainability

RIBA South West Property Insider Awards 2015
Winner - Commercial Workplace of the Year

Riverside View

Bristol Property Awards 2020
Winner - Transformation


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