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New Bailey Zone A/C Masterplan

Salford, UK


project overview

Bringing transformative change to the city, by creating a cohesive regenerative masterplan

We have designed Zones A – C of the New Bailey Masterplan, which is a residential-led scheme, in the heart of Salford, creating high-quality homes, creating a new community and bringing families to the area. Following an invited competition, we were commissioned to develop the masterplan as part of the local authorities’ wider Salford Central regeneration.

This site was identified as it lies on the newly developed Ordsall Chord, a railway line that links the two main stations in the city. The scheme, alongside other proposals nearby in the wider New Bailey area, has fundamentally changed the area from temporary, low-rent parking lots to a permanent, vibrant piece of the city centre.

The eight block masterplan has reintegrated the site back into the urban grain and created connections to surrounding existing and future developments in the Salford area. With a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartment blocks, the masterplan provides much needed housing for this fast-growing area. We were later commissioned to design three residential blocks, The Slate Yard, which are the first buildings you encounter on crossing the River Irwell into Salford.

We have also designed Stanley Street Car Park, which accommodates the needs of the new community in the area, as well as visitors and commuters to Manchester City Centre.


site development

Creating an enjoyable place to live and a gateway to the city

We identified eight new development blocks on the site to the north and south of an extended Stanley Street, which we orientated to open up to riverside views to the south. Plots A5, A6 and A7 are the riverside residential scheme, The Slate Yard, and Plot A2 is Stanley Street Car Park. Plot A4 is a Premier Inn, which was outside the scope of development of the masterplan.

The site is a gateway to the city for residents, visitors and commuters alike, with multiple access points into the city via, footbridges, pedestrian crossings and new infrastructure interwoven seamlessly with the surrounding urban links.

By preserving open spaces between each development block, we created river view corridors. These give the community visual connections to the river and the outdoors from their homes, prioritising their health and wellbeing.

We have included green, landscaped public realm, in area between the blocks and pedestrians are prioritised. This gives residents views down the river and more spaces to connect with nature.

project aims

Bringing a neglected urban site back to life

The site had been subject to previous unsuccessful development plans and included a mix of areas with temporary land uses, fragmented land ownership and speculative land ownership.

To achieve a successful and transformative change, we needed to bring forward all parts of the area together, avoiding piecemeal development. This required coordination of strategy and delivery, to create a mixed use design with the necessary infrastructure and an enhanced public realm to form a cohesive urban fabric.

A key aim of this masterplan was to meet the demanding requirements of the growing Private Rented Sector (PRS) market in Manchester. By creating new urban neighbourhoods with a greater choice of high-quality, modern housing, we have attracted families into the area. Integral to this was establishing a network of well-designed safe and pedestrian-friendly streets and spaces.

There was another requirement to open up access to the River Irwell, which was part of Salford City Council’s Irwell City Park initiative and provides strong connections to Manchester city centre.


Engaging with the local community to balance everyone’s aspirations

The consultation process was central to developing the vision of the masterplan. We held public forums for residents and businesses in the area, where they could share their views and opinions. This played an effective part of the masterplanning process, in balancing everyone’s aspirations and avoiding imposing a one size fits all approach. It was essential for us to listen to their opinions and incorporate their views into the subsequent design and masterplan details. We also conducted further consultations on individual plots, which garnered widespread support for the regeneration.

By working with Salford City Council, we established their requirements in terms of design and space standards, which was key to ensuring a smooth planning process. Formulating the right size and mix of apartments, and testing these with both the agents and local authority early on, was paramount was paramount to creating an efficiently planned design.



Beautiful spaces encouraging the community to enjoy the outdoors

We created a public realm which is functional as well as beautiful. With spaces for community events, people are encouraged people to stop and enjoy the areas, as well as to use them as a connection between destinations.

A riverside pocket park combines areas of lawn and wildflower banks and benefits from views over the River Irwell. This is a pleasant, open and unusual space near to the heart of Salford and an addition to the Irwell River Park Strategy.

The site is connected to the Irwell River Park and towpaths by a series of landscaped courtyards. These are accessible and functional, providing access routes to residents and facilities management, whilst offering more green space to the masterplan.

key information

Project summary


Salford Central, Manchester




ECf (Joint Venture between Muse Developments / Legal & General / Homes & Communities Agency)




8 development blocks


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