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Philip Facey

Associate Director, Building Consultancy





Philip Facey

Building surveyor, project manager and principal designer, Philip Facey from our Huddersfield office has enjoyed 25 years at AHR. Alongside his varied role, Philip also plays a key role in the production of services as operations manager for our building consultancy work.

“I feel very grateful to be involved in such a fantastic variety of projects which motivate me to do better every day. I enjoy sharing these unique opportunities with the people I work with.”

From his varied professional experience, Philip brings his expertise in Construction, Design, and Management (CDM) to every project. His understanding of health and safety, building regulations and procedures within the construction industry, enables him to bring client ideas to fruition with their projects and find the most effective uses for their buildings.

He most enjoys driving a project from inception and seeing his contributions being brought to life on site. His keen eye for detail and ability to problem solve support his successful track record in project deliveries which continuously meet and exceed client aspirations.

A particularly proud moment was his contribution to a secondary school, where he meticulously considered how remodelling the development would allow for better functionality to benefit young people and improve their learning opportunities and experiences.

As a football coach in his spare time, Philip never loses his passion and drive in encouraging people to be their best selves. He enjoys building relationships with his players and supporting them as they develop their skills.