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Inspiring young minds with an engaging workshop at Sheffield school

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by AHR


Our visit to Westfield School was a delightful opportunity to deliver an engaging workshop to a group of students from the surrounding Rother Valley community.

Colleagues Rebecca Smith and Sara Burgess from our Leeds office, along with Mike Goodall from Oobe, the landscape architects who we worked on the project with, delivered the session to year 10 students at the school.

The session was organised by Speakers for Schools, who support young people through helping them secure work experience placements and inspiring talks to fuel their ambition. Our partnership with the charity has enabled us to provide opportunities for young people across the UK as we continue our journey to create a more inclusive profession.

During the visit, we shared insights into the ongoing transformation of Rother Valley Country Park. Our vision for the park involves creating a welcoming, thoughtful and community-driven hub that embraces the natural surroundings of the area.

As part of this project, we have designed a new cafe and landscaping to provide an environment for families and visitors to enjoy the diverse attractions of the park.

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Pillar of the community

Rother Valley Country Park is well loved by the local community, tourists and a hugely diverse range of people. 

Enhancing the area

We're providing a new cafe, associated landscaping and car parking at the park as part of the first phase of a wider masterplan. 

Something for everyone

Its transformation will provide a new and improved place for people of all ages to enjoy, offering a harmonious blend of activities and relaxation. 

The park is conveniently located just a short walk away from Westfield School, where the workshop session took place.

We believe in collaborating with individuals and communities that stand to benefit from our designs and relished the opportunity to share our design concepts and inspirations behind the new park with the students.

It was fantastic to witness the students really embracing the session.

We tasked them with a couple of activities, firstly to create their own ideas for the scheme and then translate these ideas into more detailed sketches.”

Rebecca Smith

Architectural Assistant (Part II)
IMG 4079

During the workshop, the team detailed the process of architecture and landscape design as well as potential career opportunities.

The impact was evident, with many students leaving the session inspired and interested in following a career path in architecture.

Collaborating with young people who will benefit from our designs helps to strengthen our community ties, foster an inclusive approach to our work and enhance its social value.

Explore further insights into our approach by visiting our social value page.

Posted on:

Feb 5th 2024