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Investigating the challenges faced when decarbonising the NHS

40 Minutes
Victoria Shepherdson - Associate Director, Architecture

Hosted by Victoria Shepherdson


Welcome to the AHR podcast series, where we engage in captivating conversations about the built environment and its influence on shaping a more positive future.

In this episode, we explore the hurdles we are working to overcome to deliver a more sustainable, net zero-carbon future for the NHS. Our host, associate director, Victoria Shepherdson, is joined by Des Keighan, assistant director of estates at Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB) and AHR’s head of healthcare, regional director, Gareth Banks.

We discuss how to achieve rigorous sustainability goals, with limited budget and resources. Often, we are met with additional challenges such as ageing spaces and facilitating work in live environments, which when operating at full capacity, make it very difficult to implement any interventions.

SBUHB is currently making great progress in its decarbonisation efforts. Des shares his experience, some of the initiatives he has undertaken, lessons learned and a few surprises he has encountered along the way!

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