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Bryan Hamilton

Director, Architecture





Bryan Hamilton

Leading the Midlands offices, director Bryan Hamilton brings to AHR a wealth of experience of projects across multiple sectors, both within the UK and internationally. Having been with the practice for over 40 years, he has seen the practice flourish, developing strong relationships along the way.

“What I enjoy most about AHR is the people. People who are dedicated to creating the best possible projects to the best possible standard.”

Across AHR, Bryan is known for his contribution to our legacy in sustainable design – notably when leading on a technologically advanced building in Abu Dhabi in 2012. His ability to coordinate a range of people with different needs, from contractors to clients, means he consistently delivers exceptional projects. This is demonstrated by the numerous international awards won. Bryan values reliability. He never loses sight of a vision whilst simultaneously meeting clients’ needs and is trusted to do this again and again.

Throughout his career, he has nurtured meaningful, loyal relationships with both clients and the people he works with across the practice. He is proud of the collective talent within AHR, and the opportunity to work with inspirational people to exceed clients’ expectations. This aptitude for relationship building and teamwork also stems from his passion for sport, namely rugby and the attributes that come with it. Bryan applies balance to both his work and personal life, and from this philosophy, he has so far enjoyed a successful and fulfilling career as an architect.