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Scunthorpe Police Headquarters

Scunthorpe, UK

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project overview

Boosting community comfort and safety with enhanced police operations

Nestled within our Project Anchor Enterprise and Innovation Hub, the new police headquarters in Scunthorpe is a key element of the wider regeneration of the town centre, aiming to revitalise the area.

Its modern and thoughtful design promises to strengthen the safety, security and wellbeing of people in the community and will ensure that the local police force can deliver services more efficiently and effectively.

Beyond improving its operational effectiveness, the three-storey building will prioritise the wellbeing of the 250 police officers and staff expected to use it.

Inside, you’ll find a blend of both functional and welfare spaces, which help to promote productivity and wellbeing.

In shaping a headquarters that will stand as a cornerstone of the community, its design thoughtfully mirrors the accommodation block which sits opposite.

To establish a strong visible presence of the police force, the headquarters is located at the heart of the town. With this also brings greater security, and enhanced accessibility for residents and visitors alike.

To reduce its construction costs and environmental impact, we took advantage of the existing infrastructure on the site, repurposing existing materials to bring the project together.

landscape design

Safely blending into the high street

As you approach the headquarters from the high street, visitors are met with a welcoming entrance to the building. Its public appearance is also improved by raised planters and seaters outside the front of the building, enhancing the urban landscape.

To the rear of the building, a secure and private staff and operational car park with service areas designated for police use help to ensure the efficient operation of the facility.

Multiple security measures help to prioritise community safety whilst safeguarding the headquarters’ operational integrity.


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