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How has school design evolved and what is influencing it in 2024?

45 Minutes
Imran Kassim - Director, Architecture

Hosted by Imran Kassim


Welcome to the AHR podcast series, where we engage in captivating conversations about the built environment and its influence on shaping a more positive future.

In this episode, we explore how education design has progressed to meet the evolving needs of teachers, students and their schools. Director, Imran Kassim is joined by regional director, Stuart Bryson and architect Natasha Karson, all of whom are part of our education focus group at AHR.

As our participants work design schools in England, Scotland and Wales, we discuss the opportunities and constraints offered by varying countries and how these influence the different approaches taken to school design.

Schools stand out as unique locations, in that everyone often has multiple, diverse experiences within them. Bringing together their perspectives as school designers, parents, school governors and pupils, we delve into the essential elements for crafting an ideal educational space.

How can we create schools which not only provide the optimal inclusive learning environment but also serve the community, whilst achieving their sustainability targets?

In this episode, we refer to the abbreviation DfE. For those who may be unfamiliar, DfE stands for Department for Education and is responsible for children’s services and education in England.

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