23 JULY 2019

  • Bristol City Council has approved plans for the new Avonmouth Fire Station, replacing the previous fire station with a modern and responsive building that will advance Avon Fire & Rescue Service’s (AF&RS) ability to serve the local area.

    The circa £4m new-build fire station for AF&RS, designed by AHR, is focused on delivering an optimised working environment for the staff within, with improvements that will both progress operational efficiency and prevention work, as well as ensure staff have access to dedicated spaces that enhance their day-to-day working life.

    Karle Burford, director at AHR, said, “It’s been a pleasure to be a part of Avon Fire & Rescue Services’ ‘Reinvesting for the Future’ programme and to be able to approach the needs of the local area collectively. Avonmouth Fire Station is another positive step in empowering firefighters to deliver their work in the best possible way – significantly enhancing the site with a new, highly functional fire station, as well as importantly providing them with contemporary, appropriate and comfortable facilities in which they can spend extended periods of time in.”

    The new fire station includes five Appliance Bays of increased size and height, allowing for use of the most up-to-date appliances, with greater room for maintenance, access and serving also being made available. A two-storey accommodation wing has been designed to improve response time to ‘call outs’, as well as include amenities and working areas that are better suited to staff.

    Further facilities benefiting firefighters include a new kitchen and dining area, modernised change facilities and showers, as well as individual quiet rooms which provide valuable space for staff to relax and take a break in.

    Avonmouth Fire Station follows the success of three previous fire stations AHR has worked on with AF&RS in recent years, designing new-build stations Hicks Gate and Temple Back, as well as the refurbishment and extension of Kingswood Fire Station.

    In line with the AF&RS’ ‘Environmental Policy, AHR has included a high standard of environmental and energy efficiency, including designing for a BREEAM rating of Excellent, along with the inclusion of renewable technologies such as solar panels.

    Stuart Howison, Major Projects Manager AF&RS, said “The redevelopment of Avonmouth is the first station in our ‘Reinvesting for the Future Programme’ and supports our Service Plan (2019-22) in making our communities safer and making our Service stronger. It has been a pleasure to work with AHR again. The proposed redevelopment is both modern in design, whilst maintaining and improving operational functionality. The building also responds to the brief well in adopting ‘lean design principles’. We have been particularly impressed by AHR’s approach to value engineering during all the design stages.’ 

    Preceding fire station, Temple Back Fire Station, recently gained a shortlisting for Civic Development in the Bristol Property Awards 2019.

    AHR Communications Team
    23 JULY 19
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